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Slow Sounds by Masahiro Takahashi

Slow Sounds
is a curated playlist by multi-instrumentalist, Masahiro Takahashi. Listen to the mix from the top right corner of the Slow Editions PMVABF page. To listen to our other releases, please visit the Slow Editions bandcamp page.

Masahiro Takahashi is a multi-instrumentalist from Japan, currently based in Toronto, Canada. His album, ‘Flowering Tree, Distant moon’ is out April 31st, 2021 on Not Not Fun Records (CA). Listen and pre-order here.

H. Takahashi - Water Lily
Miroque - Silkworm Fou Fou
Lionmilk - Afloat In the Ocean
Slow Riffs - Jacob's Ladder
Andrew CS - two minutes for my home
Carl Stone - Shing Kee (1986)
Town and Country - Nonstop Dancer