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In the studio with Arisa Odawara


All artwork and photos by Arisa Odawara. 2021.
All artwork and photos by Arisa Odawara. 2021.

This is my studio where I create my works, it is also my bedroom. “My diary”, watercolour painting on paper, is the first step of my creatio process. From there, I move on to acrylic painting, collage with origami paper, embroidery, and ceramics.

ここは作品を制作している場所であり、私の寝室でもある部屋です。私にとって紙に水彩絵具”my  diary“が作品制作する上での一番最初の作業であり、そこからアクリル絵画、コラージュ作品、刺繍、陶芸作品へと移行します。


My father died of cancer at the age of 28. My paintings are based on my childhood: the short period of memory I spent with my father and the time I spent in nature. I lay over the past/future thought, fragmentary memories, and daydream on it. I used to frequently visit mountains and rivers in rich nature to camp with my family. There was a race track for pocket bikes, and I practiced riding it on weekends. My father chose the design and color and assembled it for me. My father used to read Popoy magazines a lot.


Since I will have exhibitions at nidi gallery in Shibuya (May 14 to 27) and at Kousagisha in Kyoto (September 1 to 26), I’m keeping the materials for exhibitions in the cardboard boxes hanging on the wall. A rug in the bed is custom-made by Daisan in Date, Fukushima.

5/14-27nidi gallery(渋谷)、9/1-26光兎舎(京都)で展示があるため、展示で使用する材料を段ボールに入れて吊るし、壁に掛けて保管しています。ベッドには以前作ってもらったラグ。

Jyunbi chu
This is a space where I run and curate art exhibitions. It’s located at Gakugei-daigaku station in Tokyo. It used to be a sushi restaurant called Daimatsu, and the appearance is left as it is. We held events for art, fashion, and music here. The video was filmed last April16 under the state of emergency. This exhibition was only able to be looked through the window.


Jyunbichu bunshitsu (Annex)
There is another space “Junbicyu Bunsitu” located 33km west of “Junbicyu”. I'm looking for what I can do here.


Sometimes I go to the nearby mountains from there with my lipstick, cell phone, and wallet.


Arisa Odawara is an artist based in the suburbs of Tokyo. She also runs ‘Junbicyu’, a space for artists in Gakugeidaigaku, Tokyo. Odawara makes drawings, paintings, embroidery, and pottery works inspired by her childhood surrounded by nature. Her work reflects her daily trivial activities and the events in the world.

English translation by Masahiro Takahashi.